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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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from tainted steroid shots continue to rise. >> a warning for all drivers, why the air bags in your car could be faulty. >> game three. the orioles go on the road in the american league division series. >> reporter: baltimore was the only team to have a winning record in the bronx. christian schaffer is live outside the stadium. fans have to be happy it's not raining. >> reporter: it's beautiful out here, wednesday night in the bronx. it's all about this guy -- arod. look at the back page of the daily news. a rod will hit third, will hit third here. when there's returns on 1st and 2nd and there's a popout, people will go crazy. i want to talk about buck. buck --
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>> it's going to be emotional. >> he loves the way this team is made up. there's no intimidation factor eye heard you stalking earlier about joe saunders, how he's in the tipping his hand. i think it's probably sawn ders if they lose this game. he pitched that wild card game. he's on his normal rest. who knows what buck's thinking. the yankees certainly don't. >> reporter: this club is loose. they're not going to back down. they feel this is a pivotal game. >> we don't know what will happen. list tonight experts. though don't know what will happen either. that's the fun part. maybe jim thome goes deep. who knows. we don't know. talking about the starting
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pitchers. they could be gone by the 3rd inning. >> we'll have it all live at 11:00. excitement in the clubhouse. >> pick out a star. who will be the star? >> jim thome. go get it. >> game three tonight. 7:37. we'll see you then. christian schaffer, jamie costello, in the bronx. orioles fever sweeping the city. >> a pep rally right here in charm city let out a clear they could hear -- cheer they could hear all the way to the bronx. >> mayor stephanie
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rawlings-blake led the rally. they continue to battle the yankees in the alds. >> what today is about is sending a message up 95 to let them know that we are behind them all the way. >> look at the mayor all decked out in her orange. they proudly showed their orange and black and proudly pose with the mascot. >> and for all the orioles news go to our website. you can browse our photo gallery and read about the game. >> not bad back here close to home. we have temperatures into the 60s. take a look at remembering --
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glen burnie. a nice looking shot at 61 degrees. humidity is bone dry. we're 70 degrees warmer than yesterday evening. cool hair comes in by tonight and will be with us tomorrow. forecast 7:30. the temperatures will be dropping. there is a chance of a spot shower. it's going to be more on the cool side. take a look at the forecast. back close to home, 60 degrees. we're going down to 41 for your overnight low tment will be a struggle to get to 60. >> thanks a lot. our health alert tonight more people are being diagnosed with meningitis after getting those tainted steroid shots. 137 cases have been reported in 10 states. 12 people have died. nine people have been sickened
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in our state. doctors say that people who have been notified by one of the eight clinic hogs gave out taint -- clinics who gave out tainted medication -- >> we're trying to make sure we balance this whole thing in terms of risk and benefits, that we balance the safety of our patients but at the same time we don't go historic -- hysteric. >> more than 50 people have come. the emergency rooms and doctors have performed an unprecedented 45 spinal taps to test the disease. 43 were negative and only two required more testing. if none of the symptoms are present, it may be your best bet to see your personal physician first. well, strokes used to be a
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health concern for older americans but a study shows younger people are at rest being. the average age of streek victims has -- stroke victims has decreased. 10 yores ago it was unusual to -- years ago it was unusual to see someone inner that 40s. now it's time to control high risk factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. >> drivers are being warned of counter fitted air bags. the national highway traffic safety administration said organized criminals have provided air bags that fail to deflate. if you've had an air bag replaced in the part of a dealership or purchased them online in the past three years you should have a car dealer check it at your own expenses. >> the sad thing is you won't
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know. >> they cang have fake insignias and can cost less than $100. employees at olive garden and red lobster are worried about having their hours slashed. under the law companies with 50 or more workers could be fine if they zoo provide -- don't provide basic coverage for the workers. after a massive brain injury it's a struggle. patients will now be able to get the therapy they need thanks to sinai's new center. >> we have lots of areas where we can simulate community activities. going to the dress rister or getting the mail or getting on
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the bus. we can copy them and trito create the scenarios so we can help people improve. >> the new facility allows people to practice those scenarios over and over so he can relearn that function. >> tonight we are taking yir call -- your calls. we have an oncologist to answer that. the number to call is 410-481-2222 to submit your questions about breast cancer. wool sea have some of those answers for you right after the break. >> a little after 6:00. 66 in town. 65 dover. this is going to change in a big way going into tonight and tomorrow. he'll vast full -- i'll have the full forecast coming your way.
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. we've been tacking your calls on breast cancer. give us a call at 410-481-2222. doctor, thanks for joining us. you know that diagnosis as to be tough. how do you help a patient had has been diagnosed and the ainge that comes with it. >> that's a good question. it's really important to make sure people realize that mammograms save lives. the good news is more and more women are undergoing screening ma'am nothing dpra if i.
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many of the patients have been diagnosed, so we may start with hey, pad news, you have breast cancer. good news you have an early stage breast cancer which moons a high chance for -- means a high chance for a cure and you can have a limited surgery just to remove the lump and radiation treatment. you're not only getting cured but you can get cure and preserve your breast. >> there are mixed messages about we to have them. the guidelines you go by. >> start at the age of 40. if you have family history, 35. if you don't have significant history you can alternate. by the time you're 50, you start getting annual mammograms. >> we've been raising mony. everybody wants to know when there will be a cure.
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>> the biggest investment is getting screened. if your breast cancer is diagnosed by screening, your chance for secure is 90%. in the meantime for those patients who present with more advanced cases did i told you -- cases -- i told you about the gamma pod, we've also made headway with the chemotherapy that you can take orally. people can get therapy that's more effective and more important from a quality of life, doesn't make patients as sick. patients can be cured without being devastated by the treatment itself. the doctor will be with us for another 15 minutes. if you have questions, you can call 410-481-2222. let's send it over to mike masco. let's take you to the greens, beautiful shot, a time
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lapse photography. notice the blend of sunshine and clouds. upper 60s to around 70. this shot showing nice colors to meyersville. appalachian trail, a gorgeous scene eke trail-- scenic trail. beautiful fall colors. manchester started off with fog and clouds. notice the brilliant sunshine. we are at 66 degrees as of 6:00. notice humidity value at 49%. still some bone dry humidity. more of a westerly wind coming into play allowing for drier air to move in and cooler air as we go into tonight. made it up to 68. 69 being your normal value. we were just about there for average temperatures but that will change tomorrow. below average temperatures will be part of the forecast. 59 in hagerstown.
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60 for frederick, a pair of sixes. eastern shore numbers 64 to 65 degrees. notice the patchy clearer skies now starting to fade behind cloud cover. this is the frontal system that will be in. it's more about a wind shift. we'll bring in the cooler air. your planner reflects that. while we go to 60 at 8:00, 53. moon lit skies, mostly clear skies. waking up to a crisp cool morning on thursday with a temperature around 41 degrees. it's showing scattered showers. we'll have to watch that as it moves. maybe a spot shower but a blend of stars and clouds. in terms of temperatures, we'll look at 66 in baltimore. go upstream, 50s in minneapolis and chicago.
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that is the cool air source. fact, we'll be dealing with that. overnight lows will be into the 30s and 20s. this is a cool punch of air going into tomorrow, lingering into friday and perhaps saturday. here's the front kicking all the clouds offshore. it's a clear brilliant sky tomorrow afternoon. sunshine with temperatures struggling to get to 60. breezy conditions by friday. it's a blend of sunshine and clouds. i think we'll remain dry. in terms of temperatures, what to expect, 40s along the 95 stretch. you'll find 30s, maybe patchy frost out toward frederick and carroll counties. tomorrow afternoon a struggle to get to 60. low 40s in the cities. then we'll make it back up into the lower 60s to round out the
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workweek. mostly clear. 61 degrees for tomorrow. we'll go down to 41 in town. 30s at your house joce sterman. it's going to be chilly, one of those cuddle up type of deals. a blend of smuns -- sunshine. it starts cool and ends mild. 71. the ravens will love. it the o's will probably love it. we can do it all over at 11:00. >> there is no i hope. >> i got to throw that out there. >> take it on back. >> all right. the last time i said we're going to win definitely, we lost. >> you need the huddle weather. coming up tonight after world news, check out abc2 new
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show "the list." >> it's fire prevention week. plus, several hot spots around town. you're going to want to check them out. all that and more coming up at 7. >> here's what's coming up tonight on abc2. as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law.
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join me in voting for question 6. doctor, tell us what advice you would give a breast cancer
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patient to make sure she has the best option for treatment, for cure. >> what i tell patients when you buy a car you go to four or five dealerships. get a diagnosis and that's it. you want to shop around. you want to make sure that people are experts and focus completely on breast cancer. you want to go to a cancer center that that has the recognition and brings you a theme of people that surrounds you, not only with the best treatment and experts but also conscious of your experience because you have enough anxiety to deal with. >> thank you, doctor. you have a couple or minutes to get your phone calls answered here. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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we are committed to giving you the information you need when you head to the polls. we're bringing you five-minute one on one interviews with the candidates. this is the independent candidate for our 5th congressional district. we'll start with your opening statement. >> i just wanted to let everyone know that they do have a viable alternative to steny hoyer. one thing that frustrates me the most is people who don't educate themselves about the candidates and what they plan to do for them in that district. i encourage everybody to go to my website jeremy r. sten >> let's ask you some questions. we're dealing with a $60 trillion debt, unemployment rate of more than 8%. housing market is shaky at best.
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where do you start to find solutions? >> first we have to get people back to work. maryland in direct 5 we have an unemployment rate of 5 own 6, which is better than the rest of the country by many points, but one thing is the major companies, they can't find the qualified talent to fill these positions. one thing we need to do is get people back to work. in order to get them back to work, we have to spean their skills up. >> condoleezza rice called education the civil rights struggle of our day. would you play dpree with that? >> that is a very poignant statement. we live in the most affluent country in the world, most powerful country in the world. it is absurd that individuals don't have the opportunity to a
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free or an education that will get to where you're trying to go. >> let's talk about afghanistan. whales the end game? >> we have to get our troops out of there. president obama has set a timeline. do we move that timeline? there's been a lot of con strn nation about the fact that he gave a timeline. the bottom line is we have to get out. >> is the healthcare reform the answer. governor romney said he would repeal it immediately. what's your stance? >> we need something. i don't think that obamacare may have been the best thing it do but we need something. we couldn't maintain course because healthcare spending is out of control. so what i would encourage all politicians to do, if you don't like obama care, then put
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something else on the table. >> all right. you are one person running for congress. how do you address the stalemate and nastiness that exists in both houses. >> jamie, it's redeck cue lus how our leaders, our elected leaders cannot get past the partisan bickering. what i plan on doing has district 5's rep sen thattive to -- represent thattive to cut through the nastiness to get pragmatic legislation that works for the people. hopefully, they will have no choice but to work within the confines of congress to goat thing -- get things done. but hopefully they will appeal to the people who will get these politicians going in the right way. >> you've been listening to jerry mi stenson. to see this interview and oth
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earl canned interviews, log on to don't forget to vote tuesday november the sixth.
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it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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